Daar was 'n tyd

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Die vertoning word aangebied ten bate van MES Impilo se trauma ondersteuningsdienste

Slegs een vertoning, moet dit nie misloop nie.

Datum: 28 September

Tyd: 18h00

Plek: Foxwood Theatre, Houghton

Kaartjies: R150 per persoon - Slegs 100 Kaartjies beskikbaar!!!

Bespreek by Mariette Crouse by 011 725-6531 of by mariette@mes.org.za

Cycling for a purrrrpose in 2014!

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This year all funds raised through the Momentum 94.7 Cycle

Challenge will benefit the MES Impilo Hospice.

The MES Impilo Health Programme is the only hospice that

caters for the homeless and destitute communites in Gauteng.

Who is MES?

MES is a registered non-profit organisation that has been serving the homeless and destitute community in the city of Johannesburg since 1986. Our vision is “To change the heart of the city!"

Stories of change...

CMR - Resurrection in death

CMR - Beke with Client 2.jpg

My client visited our offices distressed and sobbing bitterly. She informed me that her only son was murdered two months ago. She couldn’t stop crying as she struggled to narrate the story of how her son died. She would cry every time she meets people that she knows. She reported that she has lost interest in talking to people, she sleeps the whole day, she is angry with the perpetrator, she can’t drive her car as she cries all the time and that she sees the visions of her son lying down at the scene of murder every time. In a nut shell the client was much stressed, hopeless, helpless, traumatized and nearing a stage of depression. She was now questioning the existence of God.

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