Need a challenge to get your heart pumping for change?

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Join Linus van Onselen, cycle tour record holder 21 consecutive races completed under 3 hours and MBT XCOworld. Who has accepted the challenge and is proud to be part of "Changing the Heart of the City"

To be part of the cycling movement contact Hilke on hilke@mes.org.za

Cycling for a purrrrpose in 2014!

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This year all funds raised through the Momentum 94.7 Cycle

Challenge will benefit the MES Impilo Hospice.

The MES Impilo Health Programme is the only hospice that

caters for the homeless and destitute communites in Gauteng.





Who is MES?

MES is a registered non-profit organisation that has been serving the homeless and destitute community in the city of Johannesburg since 1986. Our vision is “To change the heart of the city!"

Stories of change...

Impilo (Care Centre) - The story of a young woman...


I watched her skinny figure bundled on the chair in my office, her eyes big and smiling, but hesitant and a little suspicion kept shadowing her gaze. ‘She is beautiful’, I thought. I listened to her history, a bit of a ghost story: a mother who died when she was twelve and she never learnt where her body was taken, living in a home, then with neighbours, a rape, a pregnancy, HIV diagnoses…

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