MES Kempton Park Kids Festival

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Bring the whole family and come join us for a fun-filled day on 30 August!

Contact Lilly for further information on 011 024 4580 or lilly@mes.org.za

MES Golf Day 2014

Golf Day 2014

Early to bed, early to rise, golf all day and make up lies. Making up lies and stories are part of the to do list when planning for a day on the green but this time no need to because it is all in the name of good and making a positive change in someones life. Join MES on the 12th of September on the golf course in "Changing the Heart of the City". For more info please contact Brigitte on brigitte@mes.org.za or 011 725 6531

Who is MES?

MES is a registered non-profit organisation that has been serving the homeless and destitute community in the city of Johannesburg since 1986. Our vision is “To change the heart of the city!"

Stories of change...

Early Childhood Development - The story of Unathi


Unathi a 5½ yr old little girl came to the crèche for the very first time this year.

She was very reserved and did not communicate much- I noticed that she looked very underweight and during lunch time she would refuse saying that she had eaten at home and had no appetite; whenever it was lunch time – she would throw up.

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