Social Work Services (Jhb)

Social Work Services (Jhb)

The social work services in Johannesburg have at heart the preservation of family structures and the protection of children. Programmes are geared towards strengthening the capacity and self-reliance of families, youth and children and providing strengths based on developmental and therapeutic programmes aimed at vulnerable or at risk families and children. Programmes play a vital part in our holistic service delivery model and increase the positive development towards a sustainable and meaningful life. Services are provided through three offices situated in Hillbrow, Soweto and Mondeor respectively.


Activities include the following:

1. Awareness programmes ( Campaigns)        

•      Child protection,  Child abuse, Gender violence, Human trafficking, Substance abuse, HIV/ AIDS and TB


 2. Workshops

•      Reproductive health, teenage pregnancies; Parenting skills; Substance abuse; HIV/TB; Mental health / management of stress; Relationship / marriage enrichment


3. Assessments, development of Individual development plans  and referrals

•      For lifeskills, financial literacy, skills development and job placement programmes.


4. Supporting services

•      Intervention services to short term clients

•      Crises intervention services

•      Food parcels to families

•      Feeding programmes at schools

•      Ikusasa school support programme

•      Therapy for children with behavioural problems.

•      Trauma and bereavement counselling

•      Home visits

•      Marriage counselling workshops

•      Support groups: Substance abuse; Single parents/ Divorcees; Mothers with babies/children; Foster parents

5. Protection services

•      Child protection services

•      Opening and finalisation of Children’s court cases

•      Placement in temporary safe care

•      Placement and monitoring of children in alternate care- children’s homes/foster care/adoption/places of safety

•      Family reunification services

•      Foster care supervision services

•      Holiday programmes